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Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)

Founded in 1888, the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has over 2,200 members from Colorado and the United States, as well as Canada. They have worked to create one of the most active and respected veterinarian associations in the U.S.


The CVMA believes in doing more the veterinary profession by protecting, advancing, supporting, and leading. They protect by advocating on the member’s behalf, and fighting to ensure that legislators are aware what is best for animal health and welfare. Advancements are made through continuing education for professional growth, and they support by providing exclusive member programs and opportunities. The CVMA also encourages professional and personal growth to develop and refine leadership skills.

Why is the CVMA important?

A membership to the CVMA will benefit all parties included because of the knowledge and unique views that are brought to the table. The CVMA can assist in broadening the view of the veterinary profession, as well as supporting with helpful resources, while veterinarians will assist in keeping the practice of veterinary medicine strong in Colorado.